UPSC Interview Transcript By Satish Kumar Board Reddy

Interview Board: Purushottam
Name: Satish Kumar
Interview Date/Year: 12th March 2013


My Interview Questions:
B.E Civil Engineering. Working in SAIL
Optionals: Political Science & International Relations and History.
Board: Purushottam Agrawal Sir.
Date: 12th March Afternoon.

  1. About my job in SAIL. Why IAS after Civil Engg.
  2. Why Pol Sci & History for IAS? Why not Technical subjects?
  3. India China foreign policy since independence.
  4. When & Why did Dalai lama come to India
  5. Explain Bangladesh Shahbag protests – Opposition party protests – Death toll & about International tribunals
  6. Who are Razakkars – Operation polo
  7. Who is Mohammad Yunus and his achievements
  8. Why India is obsessive about Pakistan?
  9. Why South Asian region is not so developed. Does India’s foreign policy has to do something with it?
  10. About Marxism & Theory of Surplus Value
  11. Telugu Ganga project – Its River, Dam, Benefits for Chennai & AP – current status.
  12. Silapadigaram and Kannagi
  13. Tell one Tirukkural
  14. Trace the historical reasons for so many clashes in India’s neighbourhood
  15. USA interference in other countries – why?
  16. Discuss USA’s problems with its southern neighbours – Mexico and S. America
  17. Reasons for India’s Integration


Overall, the board was cordial but they were grilling on international relations especially the Bangladesh, Pakistan and China related questions. The Interview lasted for 20-25 mins.

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