UPSC Interview Transcript By Shashi R Board Img Khan

Interview Board: IMG Khan
Name: Shashi R
Interview Date/Year: 15 April 2013


Interview Date: 15 Apr 2013
Board Name: IMG Khan

Session: Forenoon

Duration: 30mins

Experience: Merchant navy 4yrs
Questions asked: Most questions (80 percent) from Work experience

First to go work


Interview started 1105hrs…so late, at that time others board had already finished of 2 candidates.


Ch: Why civil services…earning so much
Ch: Falkland island issue
Ch: When was Falkland island war…who was pm of UK then
M1: All question from home town and home state Jharkhand
M2: Tell me about achievement of Dhoni?
M2: Power crisis in Jharkhand what are remedies?
M2: GST bill
M2: Asked 2-3 questions about Hobbies…simple one
M3: Water harvesting and water crisis?
M3: Sea wave height measurement process?
M3: What can be done to ensure maximum voting percentage in poll?
M3: problems of Jharkhand?
M4: In Enrica Lexie case what should be done…your view?
M4: Was shooting of fisherman justified? If not then when it would be?
M4: can armed guard shoot in Somali waters? Same situation like in India…is it right?
M4: Continental shelf, exploration right, EEZ, Territorial water, coastal state jurisdiction…long discussion on unclos provisions.
There were many factual and 1-2 liners questions in between.
Overall interview was good…as per my view
Rest on God’s hand….


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