UPSC Interview Transcript By Suresh Hisar Board P K Mishra

Interview Board: P K Mishra
Name: Suresh Hisar
Interview Date/Year: 16-04-2013


SUB: History, Hindi Lit.
HOBBIES: Watching documentaries based on national issues, Hindi movies, listening Hindi film songs.
Job: Inspector (central excise and customs)
Interview Date: 16/04/13 (afternoon)
Board:- P.K. Mishra

CH: Any exciting moment during job
CH: Dvivedi yug, Maithali sharan gupt,Shridhar Pathak, Ghumakkar lekhak

M1 (Lady): Videshon me Hindi ko kaise bdhava dena Chahiye, Internet and Hindi Sahitya,
translation from Hindi to English, Hindi and media.
M2:  Current two national issues, why sex-ratio declining, what will you do….property right to Women.
M3: Iron man of India, what is condition of girls in rural Haryana, what will you do?
M4: Why export is exempted, what is basic theory behind it?

CH: Difference b/w tax & levy?
(Lasted around 20 minutes, all members were laughing …even me, looking satisfied, only the tax & levy question couldn’t tell….anyway I’m satisfied)

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