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e-Sansad and e-Vidhan


  • The crucial issue of Efficient Functioning of Legislatures will be deliberated by the Whips of Parliament and Legislatures and the Ministers of Parliamentary Affairs of various States during a two-day Conference to be held in Udaipur

What is it?

  • e-Sansad and e-Vidhan are mission mode projects of Government of India under Digital India, to make the functioning of Parliament and State Legislatures paperless.
  • It is an ambitious project by the Centre, where it plans to digitise and make available all Parliament documents, including debates, speeches, committee reports and questions, on the internet.
  • Some States have made good progress in the field of automation of their Legislatures, yet consumption of huge volume of papers is still going on in these States. In order to address this issue and economize the entire Legislative process, e-Vidhan is proposed to be implemented in all the States/ UTs with Legislatures.
  • MoPA is the Nodal Ministry for implementation of both the projects


  • According to the agenda prepared by MoPA for the Conference, these projects would make the functioning of Parliament and State Legislatures participative, responsive, transparent, productive and more accountable to the public and make the entire Legislative process more efficient. Further, this environment friendly initiative is in line with the ‘Go Green’ initiative of the Government.
  • Once available online, the database could turn out to be a valuable resource for researchers, historians, academicians and activists.
  • It would primarily be helpful for legal professionals who, while preparing arguments, often had to refer to the intention of lawmakers.
  • This initiative will also help bring India on a par with developed nations such as the US and the UK, which have advanced digital archives online

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