Vermin Declaration

UPSC Exam Preparation: Topic of the Day – Vermin Declaration

Declaration of any particular species removes all the restrictions on hunting and culling of that particular species. If the declaration is being implemented, it becomes applicable to the wild animals listed in various Schedules of the Wildlife Protection Act (WPA) 1972, other than those in Schedule I & Part II of Schedule II listing the most endangered and iconic species like elephants, leopards and tigers.


Specifications in the Declaration:

  • Area with clear administrative boundary has to be defined in which the notification is applicable.
  • Wild animal species to be declared as vermin and reasons thereof have to be mentioned.
  • Period for which notification is contemplated is to be stated.
  • The basis of recommendation like study, consultation, expert opinion and surveys etc need to be mentioned.


Existing legal provisions for objective management of man-animal conflict:

  • According to Section 11 of Wildlife Protection Act, 1972: the Chief Wildlife Warden may permit hunting of any problem causing wild animal if and only if it cannot be translocated, tranquilized or captured.
    • If it is satisfactory that any wild animal specified in Sch. 1 has become dangerous to human life or is so disabled or diseased as to be beyond recovery, by order in writing and stating the reasons therefore, permission for any person to hunt such animal or cause animal to be hunted is granted.
    • The killing or wounding in good faith of any wild animal in defense of oneself or of any other person shall not be an offense.
  • Similarly Section 12 allows hunting snakes for collection of venoms for medical purposes.
  • For wild animals in Schedule II, III or IV, permission can be granted by the authorized officers or the chief wildlife warden to hunt in a specified area when they have become dangerous to human property or life (inclusive of standing crops on any land).
  • The Center is empowered under Section 62 of the Act for declaration of wild animals other than those included under Schedule I & II to be vermin for specified area and period.



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