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Difference Between Laptop and Desktop

Desktop VS Laptop

With the advent of technology, people start to use it to cut down their workload while also saving their time and energy. Back in the 19th century, Charles Babbage launched computers.

In this article, we have classified computers into two. They are:

  • Desktop
  • Laptop

What is a Desktop?

A desktop is a big and heavy physical computer unit placed on the office desk that constitutes a monitor, a CPU, the keyboard and a mouse. The desktop is always connected to the mains so that it remains powered. Manufactured for the purpose of regular use from one location, desktops cannot be easily ported.

What is a Laptop?

Termed as notebooks, these all-in-one computers are small and portable, running for hours on batteries or AC power on one charge and featuring an LED/LCD screen. Other features of the laptop include the built-in monitor, keyboard, and touchpad or trackpad.

Difference Between Desktop and Laptop

Connected externally to devices that help it to function completely All-in-one system
Powered via mains through connected sockets Uses batteries or AC Power that can be recharged, operates on main power as well
Size is huge and heavy Small size
There are multiple internal hard disks Internal hard disks are limited
Fixed in one place Portable
External keyboard and mouse is connected Have internal mouse and keyboard, but is also compatible with external keyboard and mouse
Processor is more powerful Processor for Gaming Laptops are pretty powerful, others not so much
Easily removable external components for desktop Components of laptop are in-built and so cannot be removed as easily
More number of ports for desktops Number of ports are less in laptops
High Storage. Large amounts of data can easily be stored, and more space can be added if required Low storage. Also, back up is recommended for data on laptops, due to data loss by theft, destruction of device and so on

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