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Difference between Microcomputer and Minicomputer

Microcomputer Vs. Minicomputer: Explore the differences between Microcomputer and Minicomputer

Microcomputers and minicomputers are two important terms in the world of computers and technology. Both these terms sound quite similar, but they do have differences. Let’s analyze the difference between microcomputers and minicomputers.

What is a Microcomputer?

As its name implies, microcomputers are the smallest version of computers specially designed for personal use. These types of computers are small in size, considerably affordable, and reliable in functionality. Microcomputers hold a single chip, data memory, I/O buses, etc and support only one user at one time. The devices under this category are smartphones, desktop microcomputers, etc.

What is a Minicomputer?

Minicomputers are one of the most popular in terms of the features and aptitudes they offer. This type of computer supports multiple users and provides the features just like the large systems have. They are also small in size but have high processing speed and that is the reason people are utilizing them for business applications and services and more.

Difference between Microcomputer and Minicomputer

S.No. Micro Computer Mini Computer
1. Microcomputer was launched in 1970. Minicomputer was launched in 1960
2. It consists of a single microprocessor that performs all the operations. It consists of multiple processors.
3. Microcomputers are generally used for learning and fun. Minicomputers are generally used by companies to accomplish their tasks.
4. It is affordable and more user-friendly. It is expensive and less user-friendly.
5. The speed and performance are slower than minicomputers. As it consists of a multiprocessor, the speed and performance are faster than a microcomputer.
7. The storage space is in Gigabyte (GB) The storage space is in Terabyte (TB).
8. Minicomputers are mainly used for administrative tasks, word processing, process control, etc. Microcomputers are mainly used for managing databases, graphics, word processing,etc.
9. Microcomputers are less powerful. Minicomputers are more powerful.
10. It utilizes disks and tapes for storing. It utilizes tapes or magnetic disks for secondary storage.

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