How did the reorganization of states take place in India after its independence?

After independence, there has been a growing demand for the reorganisation of the States on a more rational basis, in the context of not only from financial, economic and administrative management of independent India but also due to the growing importance of regional languages. For the first time, the States Reorganisation Commission (SRC) was constituted in 1953 to go into this problem and to recommend the principles and broad guidelines on which the States can be reorganised. The Commission submitted its report in September 1955. To give effect to the scheme of reorganisation which emerged from the consideration of the proposals contained in the Report, the States Reorganisation Act, 1956, was enacted by the Parliament under Article 4 of the Constitution of India. The new States formed as a result of the reorganisation of States in 1956 are Andhra Pradesh, Bombay Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Madras, Mysore, Punjab and Rajasthan.

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