How Many Types of Artificial Intelligence-AI are there?

Artificial Intelligence is classified into two categories – 

  1. Based on capabilities 
  2. Based on functionality

On the Basis of capabilities, AI has four types – 

  1. Narrow or Weak AI – is dedicated for just one task
  2. General AI – this performs like human
  3. Super AI – intelligent than humans

On the Basis of Functionality artificial intelligence is divided into 4 types – 

  1. Reactive machines– Do not store memory or past experience and only respond to different Stimuli, focus on the current scenario. IBM’s Deep Blue system and Google’s AlphaGo are examples.
  2. Limited memory – Uses memory to learn and improve its response. Store past data and use them for a limited time period. Self-driving cars are one of the best examples.
  3. Theory of mind – This understands the need of other intelligent entities. Capable of understanding human emotions, beliefs, and being able to interact socially like humans. 
  4. Self-awareness – This has human-like intelligence and self-awareness. It does not exist in reality still and it is a hypothetical concept. This is the future of AI, the machines will be super intelligent, and will have their own consciousness, sentiments, etc.

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