Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIR): Notes for UPSC

Various research centres and government agencies are an important part of the general awareness segment of the UPSC Syllabus. It also forms part of subjects such as governance and polity, science and technology, current affairs, etc. for the IAS exam. So, it should be a part of your UPSC preparation. In this article, you can read briefly about the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics or CAIR.

History of the CAIR

The Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics is located in Bangalore, Karnataka. It was set up in 1986. The Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIR) is the main laboratory of the DRDO for research and development in diverse areas of defence, Information and Communication Technology (ICT). It is involved in the research & development of high-quality Secure Communication, Command and Control, and Intelligent Systems.

Projects of CAIR

Some of the notable projects of the organisation are listed below:

  1. NETRA: NETRA (Network Traffic Analysis) is a software network developed by the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, laboratory, and is used by the Intelligence Bureau, and the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), to intercept and analyse internet traffic using pre-defined filters. The program was tested at smaller scales by various national security agencies and is reported to be deployed nationwide soon, as of January 2014.
  2. Muntra: Muntra is an unmanned armoured vehicle developed by India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation. The name stands for “Mission Unmanned Tracked”While referred to as a “tank” by the Indian media, it is a conversion of the Soviet BMP-2 armoured personnel carrier. Current variants are unarmed. Three variants exist: Muntra-S for surveillance, Muntra-M for mine clearing, and Muntra-N operating in nuclear or chemical contaminated zones.

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