What are the features of the Hill Area Development Programme?

HDAP was initiated during Fifth Five Year Plan. The features of the Hill Area Development Programme are: 

  • It covers 15 districts comprising all the hilly districts of Uttar Pradesh (present Uttarakhand), Mikir Hill and North Cachar Hills of Assam, Darjiling district of West Bengal and Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu. 
  • The National Committee on the Development of Backward Area in 1981 recommended that all the hill areas in the country having a height above 600 m and not covered under tribal sub-plan be treated as backward hill areas
  • The detailed plans for the development of hill areas were drawn keeping in view their topographical, ecological, social and economic conditions. 
  • The programmes are aimed at harnessing the indigenous resources of the hill areas through the development of horticulture, plantation agriculture, animal husbandry, poultry, forestry and small-scale and village industry. 

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