What are the major types of plateaus?

On the basis of their geographical location and structure of rocks, the plateaus can be classified as: 

Intermontane Plateaus: The plateau which is bordering the fold mountain range or are partly or fully enclosed within them are the intermontane plateaus. 

Example: Tibet is surrounded by folded mountains like Himalaya, Karakoram, Kunlun, Tien Shah on its two sides. 

Piedmont Plateaus: The plateaus that are situated at the foot of the mountains and are bounded on other sides by a plain or an ocean are called the piedmont plateau. 

Example: the plateau of Malwa in India and Appalachian situated between the Appalachian Mountain and the Atlantic Coastal Plain in U.S.A

Continental Plateaus : These are formed either by an extensive continental uplift or by the spread of horizontal basic lava sheets completely covering the original topography to a great depth. 

Example: the volcanic lava covered plateau of Maharashtra in India, Snake River Plateau in North West

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