What are the positive effects of e-governance?

The benefits or positive effects of e-governance in various aspects are as follows:

  • Improving service
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Potential savings
    • Efficient interactions
  • Enhancing Citizen Participation
    • Citizen input/feedback
    • Information
    • Campaigns
  • Increasing Operational Efficiencies
    • Increase productivity/morale
    • Share infrastructure cost
    • Improve process/cycle time
  • Redefining Communities
    • Enable virtual citizen and business communities
    • Contributor to economic development
  • Improving policy formulation
    • Assimilation and decision support
    • Information gathering and analysis
  • Securing and protecting society
    • Timely information
    • Collaborative and interoperate
  • Enhancing economic development
    • Attract investment
    • Reduce business burdens
    • Develop/attract workforce

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