What are the types of questions asked in the question hour?

The first hour of every parliamentary sitting is slotted for question hour. During this time, the members ask questions and the ministers usually give answers. The questions are of three kinds, namely, 

  1. Starred question – It is distinguished by an asterisk. It requires an oral answer, and hence supplementary questions can follow. 
  2. Unstarred question – It requires a written answer, and hence supplementary questions cannot follow. 
  3. Short notice question – It is one that is asked by giving a notice of less than ten days. It is answered orally. 

Questions to private members

  • In addition to the ministers, the questions can also be asked to the private members.
  • Thus, a question may be addressed to a private member if the subject matter of the question relates to some bill, resolution or other matter connected with the business of the House for which that member is responsible. 
  • The procedure in regard to such question is the same as that followed in the case of questions addressed to a minister. 

Colour Codes of Questions

To distinguish between the different types of questions, colour codes are followed while printing the questions, which is listed as follows:

Type of question 


Starred question 


Unstarred question


Short notice questions

Light Pink

Questions to private members


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