What are the types of tillage?

There are three types of tillage depending on the purpose or necessity. They are 

  • Deep ploughing: Deep tillage is performing tillage operations below the normal tillage depth to modify the physical or chemical properties of a soil. Deep tillage is accomplished by fracturing the compacted soil without disturbing the top soil, plants and surface residue.
  • subsoiling tillage: Subsoiling is breaking the hard pan without inversion and with less disturbance of top soil. A narrow cut is made in the top soil while share of the subsoiler shatters hard pans.
  • Year-round tillage: Tillage operations carried out throughout the year are known as year-round tillage. In dry farming regions, field preparation is initiated with the help of summer showers. Repeated tillage operations are carried out until sowing of the crop. Even after harvest of the crop, the field is repeatedly ploughed or harrowed to avoid weed growth in the off season.

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