What is the Most Dangerous Computer Virus 2021?

Given below are the 5 most dangerous computer viruses or malware threats in 2021 – 

  1. Clop Ransomware – Clop ransomware encrypts files and asks to pay a certain ransom amount to have them decrypted.
  2.  Fake Updates (Hidden Ransomware) – under this reader receives fake email asking to install ‘latest OS updates’ which is actually a ransomware ‘.exe’ file in disguise. 
  3. Zeus Gameover – This target finances, access bank account details and get away with all the funds. It is able to bypass centralized servers and create independent servers.
  4. RaaS – is known as ‘Ransomware as a Service’. In order to carry out sophisticated ransom attacks for them, people without knowledge pay to hire professional hackers or a team of hackers to perform the attack. RaaS is a growing industry in the underground hackers community.
  5. News malware attacks – Hackers in this, use trending news to target people. For instance, with the ongoing COVID-19 Crisis, hackers send email to readers asking them to click on the link for the latest update on coronavirus. The links contain a virus that is designed to copy the files on the devices and steal information as soon as the reader clicks on it. 

You can read about the difference between Viruses and Malwares on the linkedin page. 

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