How To Study Physics For JEE And Solve The Numerical Problems

Physics is one of the most interesting branches of Science and it is given a lot of importance in both JEE and NEET exams. While the subject is an engaging one, most of the students find it challenging to remember the formulas and solve the numerical problems present in this subject. Additionally, the questions asked in the JEE exams are also usually from moderate to difficult level. 

However, students can easily master Physics and solve problems easily. In this article, we shall discuss how to study Physics for JEE and tackle different types of numerical problems.

JEE Physics Preparation Tips

  • Select the Best and Right Study Materials

There are many study materials available online and on the market. But, it is your responsibility to select the books which have a clear explanation of the concepts. HC Verma, Concepts of Physics, Vol I and II, and books by D.C Pandey are some of the standard books referred by the students along with NCERT books.

  • Practice Problems Everyday

Many students find the numerical questions in Physics complicated. These questions are given a lot of importance in the JEE, therefore, you have to practice problems every day without fail. Solve all the NCERT example problems without skipping any of them. After completing the NCERT problems, take up previous year question paper problems and solve them to get a better understanding of the type of questions that are asked in the exam.

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  • Always Start with the Basics

NCERT books (11th and 12th standard) must be given a lot of importance during the exam preparation. You will be able to solve complicated problems from the reference books, once you get a stronghold of basics. NCERT books explain the basic concepts of all the chapters and it is a standard book that needs to be studied by all the students.

  • Spend Extra Time on Topics that Carry More Marks

The JEE pattern and syllabus reveals the subject wise weightage given to each chapter every year.  By learning the syllabus and pattern, you will understand the chapters that contain more and fewer marks. Spend more time on these chapters and cover them first. Later, you can take up the chapters which carry comparatively fewer marks.

  • Solve Various Types of Problems

You have to be versatile in order to solve the Physics problems comfortably. Do not just solve one type of problem every day, keep referring to different sources. Take mock tests from different online sources that provide you with exposure to a wide range of problems. 

Practice Problems With: JEE Main Physics Previous Year Chapter Wise Questions With Solutions

  • Prepare Flashcards

In order to solve the numerical problems, you will have to memorise many formulas and key concepts. It can be a complicated task for most of the students. A solution for this would be to write all the important formulas on sticky notes or flashcards. Stick these flashcards or notes on the table or mirror where you can see it every day. Keep looking at it every once in a while so that you do not forget any of them.