Factors of 23

The factors of 23 are the numbers that divide the original number uniformly. When two numbers on multiplication give the original number, they are called pair factors.

The factors of 23 are 1 and 23.

Since 23 is a prime number, therefore, it has only two factors. Factor pairs of the number 23 are the natural numbers but not a fraction or decimal number.

To find the factors of a number, 23, we will use the factorization method.

In the factorization method, first consider the numbers, 1 and 23 as factors of 23 and continue with finding the other pair of multiples of 23 which gives the results as an original number. To understand this method in a better way, read the article below to find the factors of 23 in pairs. Also, the prime factor of 23 is discussed here

Pair Factors of 23

To find the pair factors of 23, multiply the two numbers in a pair to get the original number as 23, such numbers are as follows

If 1 × 23 = 23, then (1, 23) is a pair factor of 23.

Similarly, let us find other pair factors of 23.

23 × 1 = 23, then (23, 1) is a pair factor of 23.

Both the factor pairs (1, 23) and (23, 1) are the same.

Therefore, the positive pair factor of 23 is (1, 23)

How to Find the Factors of 23?

Learn the following steps to find factors of 23.

  • First, write the number 23
  • Find the two numbers, which gives the result as 23 under the multiplication, say 1 and 23, such that 1 × 23 = 23.
  • We know that 1 and 23 are the prime number has only two factors, i.e., 1 and the number itself and cannot further factorize it.

The factors of 23 = 23 × 1

  • Therefore, the factorization of 23 is written as 23 = 23 × 1

Factors of 23

1, and 23

Prime Factors of 23

Since the number 23 is a prime number and it possesses only two factors. i.e., the number 1 and the number itself 23. So the prime factorisation of the number 23 is written as the number 23(itself). We can easily find the number of factors by adding 1 to the exponent value of the prime number 23. So it becomes 1+1 =2. Therefore, we can say the number 23 has two factors.

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Quiz on Factors of 23

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