Chapter 11 - Constructions

In this chapter 11 Constructions Class 10, you must have learnt construction, with the help of previous class knowledge of the same topic. Now you can practice more important questions on Constructions Class 10 chapter 11 to test your knowledge on same and improve it.

Solving these important questions will help you in being confident about solving it during exam times and scoring good marks. Constructions class 10 is also one of the important topics as it is also used in higher grades.

Important Questions Class 10 chapter 11 (Constructions)

1. Draw a triangle PQR with side QR = 7 cm, angle Q = 45 degrees and Angle A = 105 degree. After that, Construct a triangle whose sides are 3/4 of the corresponding sides of triangle ABC.

2. Draw a circle of radius 6 cm. From a point 10 cm away from its centre, construct the pair of tangents to the circle and measure their lengths.

3. Use a bangle to draw a circle and take a point outside the circle. Now construct a pair of tangents from A to this circle.

4. Draw a line segment of length 7.6 cm and divide it in the ratio 5:8. Measure the two parts.

5. Draw a pair of tangents to a circle of radius 5 cm which is inclined to each other at an angle of 60 degrees.

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