NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Physics Solutions for Chapter 3 - Current Electricity

NCERT class 12 Physics exemplar for Chapter 3 Current electricity will give you perfection in gaining complete knowledge on topics involved in current electricity chapter. NCERT class 12 Physics exemplar for Chapter 3 pdf has the solution to the exemplar problems given in NCERT book along with an extra question from previous year question papers and sample papers, current electricity class 12 questions and answers pdf, worksheets, MCQ’S and short answer questions, current electricity class 12 problems with solutions pdf.

Check out the NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Physics Chapter 3 Current Electricity, available as a PDF above.

Class 12 Physics NCERT Exemplar for Current Electricity

Current electricity which is also known as Electric current can simply be defined as the flow of electric charge that takes place. The charge that usually occurs takes place, with the help of electrons moving through the wire. The charge present can be either ion in an electrolyte or through the ionised gas called plasma.

Concepts involved in NCERT Chapter 3 Current Electricity

Section Number Topic
1 Electric Current- formula derivation, numerical
2 Electric Currents in Conductors
3 Ohm’s Law- Definition, Formula’s, problems
4 Drift Of Electrons and the Origin of Resistivity
5 Mobility- definition, formula derivation And problems
6 Limitations of Ohm’s Law
7 Resistivity Of Various Materials- resistivity chart, their usage in problems
8 Temperature Dependence Of Resistivity- Derivation of resistivity at a temperature formula- Derivation of finite resistance formula and numerical
9 Electrical Energy, Power- circuit diagrams, derivations, numerical
10 Combination of Resistors – Series And Parallel
11 Cells, Emf, Internal Resistance- circuit diagrams, derivations, numerical
12 Cells in Series and in Parallel
13 Kirchhoff’s Rules- statements, numerical
14 Wheatstone Bridge- application of Kirchhoff’s rules
15 Meter Bridge- introduction and application
16 Potentiometer


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