NCERT Model Question Papers

Class 10 and class 12 board exams are the most important exams students have to face. It decides the future of their academic life and/or professional careers.And undoubtedly, students will prepare for the exam, but they might not adopt the right technique or practices. For instance, studying for long hours at a stretch might seem like a good practice, but it is very inefficient. Such practices cause the learning experience to become sub-par and students will just end up wasting away time and resources. The takeaway here is study smart.

BYJU’s provides model question papers that encompass all the major subjects ranging from chemistry to business studies. We have covered a wide range of topics in all these different subjects and also, we have ensured that the content is presented in a way that doesn’t hinder the learning experience of the students. And subjects like mathematics require hours of practice to attain proficiency and mastery. Luckily, the sheer volume of model papers that we provide ensures that students always have the option to explore more and gain a deeper insight. Apart from model question papers, BYJU’s also provides the best resources, like NCERT notes, NCERT solutions, etc. to help the students prepare for exams more effectively. From in-depth articles to illustrative videos, we cover nearly all topics prescribed by CBSE, and then some. We believe that knowledge is the window of opportunity, hence we ensure that every student does not miss out on one.

CBSE board examinations are significant turning points in a student’s life. It is one of the first credentials that a student can showcase to potential employers or universities. Therefore, exam preparations are to be taken up very seriously and utmost care has to be given to ensure that the students give their best efforts in the exams.

Start your exam preparation by exploring the various model questions papers below.

NCERT Model Question Papers for Class 12:

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