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How to score good marks in NEET

Scoring good marks in NEET and securing a seat in your dream college can be a challenging task. Therefore, in this article, we shall discuss how to perform well in NEET.

  • Prepare a study time table

Go through the exam syllabus and pattern released by the NTA (National Testing Agency) on the official website. Calculate the number of days left for your exam and prepare a timetable considering all these things. Allot a time period to practice numerical problems from Physics and Chemistry every day. Give yourself the necessary breaks to avoid feel tiresome and stressed. Make sure you stick to the plan until the end to achieve better results.

  • Refer NCERT books

It is critical for every NEET aspirant to follow NCERT books diligently in order to get a stronghold of basic concepts. NCERT class 11 and 12 books contain all the necessary information which is useful for the preparation of the NEET exam. Most students avoid NCERT books and focus on other author books and reference books. While it is important to study reference books for extra knowledge and for a better understanding of concepts, the primary focus should be given to NCERT books.

  • Practice problems every day

Many students find the numerical questions in Physics and Chemistry complicated. These questions are given a lot of importance in the NEET, therefore, you have to practice problems every day without fail. Solve all the NCERT example problems without skipping any of them. After completing the NCERT problems, take up previous year question paper problems and solve them to get a better understanding of the type of questions that are asked in the exam.

  • Take mock tests

The first important step in your NEET preparation involves getting familiarised with the NEET exam pattern. By taking mock tests and solving previous year’s question papers, you will get familiar with the pattern of the entrance exam and the question paper, including marks, weightage given to each chapter and the number of repetitive questions. This will help you to predict the type of questions that you may encounter in the exam.

  • Join a good coaching institute

Coaching institutes help you in many ways to score good marks in the exam. They provide study materials, necessary guidance from great mentors, doubt solving sessions, mock tests and access to previous year’s question papers and question banks, etc. which boosts your performance in the exam. Make sure you do your proper research before joining a coaching centre.

  • Revision

Revision is the key to acing this exam. Revise every day until you get perfect at it. Mark all your weak areas and the complicated topics, and spend more time getting better at them. Revision helps you to remember the topics that you have learnt. Make sure to do enough revisions before the exam, so that you don’t forget anything on the exam day.

  • Stay relaxed

It is important to stay relaxed throughout your exam preparation and especially on exam day. Your year-long preparation will be tested for a span of 3 hours and 20 minutes, and you shouldn’t let that go to waste due to stress and pressure. Take a breather at times you feel stressed and try to attempt all the questions on the paper.

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