How to spend the last 24 hours before NEET 2022?

As you approach the day of NEET, your mind begins to turn to the final preparations. Perhaps, you are panicking because you still have not been able to make yourself sit down and get on with your revision. Perhaps you’re feeling somewhat confident because you’ve been putting in the work for quite some time now – you just don’t want to mess it all up in the last day or so.

At several instances, we get swamped with a lot of questions, some of which are –

What to do a day before NEET?

How to revise the night before NEET?

What to read on the day before NEET?

How to prepare for NEET last minute?

How to remain calm a day before NEET?

And many such questions, which are quite wise and natural questions to ask. Whether you have been a hard-working planner or a procrastinator, we have got you covered. In this article, we aim to bring forth a complete breakdown of activities that you can follow to make the most of the last 24 hours before NEET 2022.

In this post, we bring to you a complete breakdown of all the suggested activities that you can follow just a day before NEET.

A Day Before NEET 2022 – 24 hours before NEET

  • Check if you have all the documents in place which are required to be carried to the exam hall
  • Study until late afternoon and perform some physical activity to feel charged up
  • Carry on with your revision plan
  • Stay calm

The Night Before NEET

  • To get into the groove and stay in that zone, continue to study and revise
  • Avoid picking up any new topic
  • Do not let the anxiety get on to you. It is time for your years-long preparations to show up now
  • Since the timing of NEET is 2 pm – 5.20 pm, prepare yourself to reach the exam centre at least 2 hours prior to the time of the exam
  • This point cannot be stressed enough, one has to get a sound sleep. Sleep well as you can wake up a bit late since the exam is in the afternoon session
  • Avoid social media distractions and all the unnecessary talks with your friends. Refrain from getting affected by the exam hype
  • Go through the Exam day guidelines once

Read more: NEET Exam Day Guidelines

The Morning of NEET Exam

  • Wake up to a good state of mind
  • Meditate for a few minutes
  • Have a small chat with your family
  • Avoid having a heavy meal. Eat something light
  • Go over your notes, important formulae, diagrams, reactions
  • Refrain from picking up heavy or challenging topics at this point
  • To avoid any undue pressure, reach the examination centre early
  • On your way you can meditate or perform some mind-calming activities, you could even talk to someone peacefully
  • Upon reaching, you can once check the arrangement for sitting, your room allocation etc.
  • Boost your confidence by indulging in some self pep talks
  • Ensure to follow the NEET dress code, wear something light. Avoid wearing any heavy outfit

More here: NEET dress code

Arriving at the Allocated NEET Exam Center

  • Refrain from interacting with your friends/peers at the exam centre as it may invite anxiety
  • Get adapted and comfortable to the exam environment
  • Brace yourselves for all the formalities such as frisking etc. in addition to the Covid related precautionary measures
  • Upon entering the hall, check where the restroom is. Look out for the clock, your invigilators and acclimatize accordingly
  • Keep your NEET admit cards, photos ready. Refrain from getting or wearing anything expensive
  • Stay sorted. Keep calm

Exam Hall Guidelines

  • Question papers are distributed about 10 minutes before the time of examination
  • Students can start answering only after 2 pm
  • Start filling your OMR sheet at the earliest to avoid wasting time
  • Go over the paper once to have an essence of the question paper
  • Know your order of solving sections – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. This is as per your comfort level

Attempting NEET Question Paper

  • Briefly go over the instructions given
  • Preferably, start with the Biology section as it has 90 questions. Aim to complete this section within 45-55 minutes
  • Pre decide the amount of time you will allocate to attempt each section of the paper. If you are taking more time than you allocated to that section, skip the remaining questions, and revisit them later
  • In case it is being revisited by you, mark or circle them
  • While attempting a question, if you are not sure of the answer, try eliminating options one by one to arrive at the answer. Take an educated guess if necessary
  • Coming to the next section, preferably Chemistry, try answering the section in 40 – 45 minutes
  • Physics is usually the last section that students attempt
  • Do not waste a lot of time on a question you are not aware of. Revisit it. In case you have no idea of it at all, skipping one or two of such questions is fine as NEET has a negative marking scheme

The day before your exams is not the time to sort that pile of notes. Get a folder, sort your belongings, get rid of anything irrelevant to the exam. Summarize your learning into one frame covering the main points only to trigger your memory.

This was a brief on preparation 24 hours prior to NEET 2022. Visit BYJU’S to find other related articles important for NEET 2022. Good Luck!

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