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Is Coaching Important For NEET?

The biggest dilemma faced by NEET aspirants prior to the exam is whether to join a coaching institute or prepare on their own. While both options serve right, it is up to you to decide the best suitable option. In this article, we shall compare self-study v/s signing up for a coaching center.

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  • Creating your own study plan

If you are someone who likes to follow your own routine and go with the flow then, self-study might be the best option. Coaching institutes provide a fixed schedule and a study plan which will be followed for the next 6-12 months. This option is also favourable for the majority of the students.

  • Time management

Coaching centers follow a predetermined timetable and usually move at a fast pace towards the end. With self-study, you can create your own deadlines and reach the study targets at your own pace.

  • Study materials

Coaching centers provide their own study materials and notes. They will also follow all the standard books, such as NCERT. However, with self-study, you will have to do your research on the internet, speak with mentors and seniors to get access to the necessary materials.

  • Doubt-clearing sessions

If you are facing difficulties in solving a problem or stuck somewhere in the syllabus, the mentors at the coaching institute can immediately resolve them. With self-study, you will have to look up for answers on the internet or seek help from friends and lecturers.

  • Competitiveness

In coaching centers, you will be studying together with other NEET aspirants who are as ambitious and enthusiastic as you. This provides a competitive edge for your preparation. With self-study, you will be your own competition. Every day, you will need to be self motivated enough to top the previous day’s performance to beat yourself.

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