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Last 10 Days NEET Preparation

When there are just a few days left for your exam, it can be very stressful and confusing. This is a crucial period where you cannot afford to waste time. In this article, we shall go through some last day preparation tips for NEET.

 Preparation Tips

  • Prepare a small timetable

Take a look at the remaining topics that you have not completely covered and prepare a small timetable according to that. Analyse the NEET subject-weightage sheet and allot more time to the topics that contain more marks. Make sure you don’t leave any chapters and try your best to cover everything from the syllabus.

  • Focus more on complicated and important topics

In these last few days, pay extra attention to the chapters which contain more marks and the ones you feel are complicated. Just glance through the easy chapters whenever you get time.

  • Revise your notes

All the notes that you have prepared during your exam preparation will be beneficial in these last days. Thoroughly revise all the key concepts and important topics that you have written on your notes every day.

  • Take mock tests

Taking a few mock tests will really help you to gauge your performance. They will help you to feel confident during and on the day of your examination. However, make sure you don’t take too many mock tests, it might confuse or pressurise you.

  • Practise numerical problems

Numerical questions carry a lot of weight in both Physics and Chemistry. Practicing them every day, especially in the last few days will make you better at it. Therefore, thoroughly revise all the formulas and practice as many problems as possible.

  • Avoid studying new topics

When there is very little time left for your examination, avoid studying any new topics. This will create a stressful scenario or there are chances that you might forget the concepts that you have already learned. Therefore, revise the chapters which you have covered thoroughly and if you feel you can handle studying new concepts, then proceed very carefully.

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