NEET 2019 Answer Key

NEET Answer Key 2019

NEET or the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, conducted by the NTA (National testing Agency) is one of the most coveted and prestigious medical entrance exams carried out across the country annually. These are exams carried out with utmost levels of transparency. Once the test is concluded, the NTA uploads the answer key for the question paper, set-wise. Along with the officially published answer keys, NTA also uploads OMR sheets of candidates on the official website.

As seen in the previous year, NTA released the NEET 2019 Answer key for the exam conducted on 5th May 2019. It first released the provisional set of answer keys on 29th May, 2019, and then on 5th June 2019, released the final set of NEET 2019 Answer key.

NEET 2019 Answer Keys

NEET Answer Keys with Code Link
NEET Answer Keys – P1 – P6 Click here
NEET Answer Keys – Q1 – Q6 Click here
NEET Answer Keys – R1 – R6 Click here
NEET Answer Keys – S1 – S6 Click here

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NEET 2019 Answer Key – How To Download NEET 2019 Official Answer Key

Candidates who have taken up NEET exams, wait for the official declaration of NEET 2019 Answer keys released by the NTA on its official website. Just follow these simple steps to download answer keys for NEET 2019:

  • Visit the official website –
  • Log in with your credentials – roll number and password
  • Click on the link to download “NEET 2019 Answer key”

The link provided on the official website to download answer keys is the one which NTA publishes, a few weeks after the exam is concluded. Along with the answer keys, NTA also uploads the OMR sheets of the candidates so that students can tally their answers and raise discrepancies (if any). Check out the detailed procedure to challenge the NEET answer key and also the procedure to challenge the NEET OMR response sheet here – NEET Answer Key.

Candidates must ensure to download the answer key with the same question paper code you are preparing from or referring to. The NEET 2019 test had nearly 48 paper codes. Therefore, NTA releases the same set of answer keys as the number of sets of question papers. For instance, students who have appeared for the exam and handed over the question paper with P1 code can look for the P1 answer key set for NEET 2019. For more insights, candidates are recommended to check the previous years’ papers for question paper patterns.

How To Tally Answers Using NEET 2019 Answer key?

Now, that you have downloaded the answer key matching your question paper code, know how to get about further. NEET 2019 paper carried 720 marks, with a total of 180 questions. It had 4 sections, each carrying 45 questions – Physics, Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology. Every question carried 4 marks, hence every section was for 180 marks.

Now, match each question you answered in your OMR response sheet with the corresponding answer provided in the answer key with the same paper code. Allocate 4 marks for every correct response and deduct 1 mark for every incorrect response. Now, calculate the sum of all correct responses and subtract from it the count of all incorrect responses. This gives you your total marks as per the answer key. Following this will help you arrive at your NEET score, with a fair idea of your probable score when the actual exam result is announced.

NEET 2019 Answer Key – Some Facts and Figures

Students who took part in NEET 2019 saw some interesting changes. When the NEET 2019 cut-off was announced, not many could make it to the BDS seats as a result seats were left vacant as candidates could not clear the cut-off score that was announced. In this event, the officials decided to lower the NEET cut-off score for admissions to BDS furthermore. With the revised NEET cut-off for BDS, students could fill up the vacant seats and the revised data is as follows:

NEET 2019 Revised Cut-off for BDS seats

Category Minimum Qualifying Percentile
General 40th
Physically handicapped 45th
Reserved 30th

A revised cut-off list for MBBS for NEET 2019 was also announced.

NEET 2019 Revised Cut-off for MBBS seats

Category Cut-off marks
General 134
General -Physically handicapped 120
Reserved 107

These insights can be deduced from NEET 2019 answer keys and can be analyzed by students to better prepare for the upcoming NEET exams.

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NEET 2019 Answer Key – Beyond NCERT

In general, a NEET question paper has all types of questions ranging from easy, moderate to the most challenging ones. While most of the questions are directly picked from NCERT, some questions asked are beyond the syllabus, challenging and assessing the conceptual knowledge acquired by students, which in other words, is just an extension of concepts learnt. Since NEET is a medical entrance exam, a candidate simply cannot have the same knowledge a class 12 student has and expect to clear the exam. One has to go beyond to clear the exam and be capable to pursue medicine as a career. Hence, not all but some questions are tricky and advanced.

NEET 2019 question paper had a few questions out of the NCERT syllabus. For instance, the questions on cranial capacity, prosthetic group, cells in G0 phase, the structure of BR3O8, etc were challenging for students and mere studying from textbooks would not have been of great help with these questions. Hence, it is suggested to first master the NCERT textbook and then move to reference sources and other study material and solve as many questions giving you extra information to crack these questions.

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NEET 2019 Answer Key – Difficulty Level Analysis

NEET 2019 ranged moderately difficult on the scale. The expected cut-off was anticipated to be in the range of 130-140 marks. Most of the students claimed the paper to be lengthy and the physics section, in particular, to be tricky and time-consuming. Biology, out of all the sections, was deemed to be the easiest.

In general, students had a mixed reaction where some candidates were happy with the set of questions asked, given the standard of NEET question papers, while some felt some of the questions were very challenging. Questions were based on the NCERT syllabus. Chemistry and Biology could be comfortably tackled. All in all, students with a solid hold of concepts and NCERT knowledge could crack the exam comfortably.

NEET 2019 – Class Wise Distribution of Questions Asked

neet 2019 class wise distribution of questions asked

NEET 2019 Answer Key – Challenging Answer Keys

As discussed earlier, students are provided with the option of challenging the answer keys, once the official set of answer keys is released by the NTA. Students arrive at the discrepancy after tallying their responses in the OMR response sheet and the officially declared NEET Answer keys (both uploaded on the official website of NTA). As per the NTA specifications, a candidate has to pay Rs 1000/- for every challenge. If indeed the discrepancy for that question is valid, the money would be refunded to the student.

Procedure – once you have noted the discrepancy, make note of the question number and other details. Visit the official website, log in with your credentials. Locate the link “challenge the NTA specified answers”. Just be directed by the link and fill up details as asked.

NEET Answer Key 2019 – What’s More?

NEET, unlike other exams, is transparent at every level, right from the process of registration until the students finally enter their respective medical colleges. Be it counselling, seat selection process, or even challenging the answer keys. Students are involved in the process right from the word go at all levels. One can tally their OMR response sheets (uploaded by NTA) along with the answer keys and arrive at a probable score before the official declaration of results so that students can have a probable idea of the college options they would have and plan accordingly. Another advantage of comparing responses this way is that students are prepared with the range of marks they could expect, hence avoiding result-related shocks (if any).

Candidates are even provided with an option to challenge answer keys in case of any discrepancy, hence providing students with an option to raise valid objections. In addition to this, the answer keys for NEET 2019 also helps students to get insights into their own performances, self-analyze, and subsequently plan for future courses. Moreover, the answer key immensely helps students who are yet to appear for the exams. It is a great tool to understand the question paper pattern, marking scheme, level of question paper thoroughly.

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