NEET Answer Key 2022 (Unreleased)

The official authorities shall release the NEET answer keys, usually 2-3 weeks after the exams have been conducted. However, students can get an idea of their performance by referring to unofficial websites for the answer keys. Along with OMR sheets, NEET 2022 answer keys are also released on the official website.

The NTA (National Testing Agency) – the official conducting body shall release the answer keys in PDF format along with uploading of the OMR response sheet of the candidate. It ideally is scheduled to take place a few weeks after NEET is conducted.

In case of any discrepancy in the NEET OMR response sheet and officially declared NEET answer keys, the same can be challenged by following this procedure that has been briefed hereon. The officials provide 2 days to challenge the answer key for NEET 2022 once objections (if any) are sorted.

NEET 2021 Answer Keys – Download PDF

NEET 2021 was concluded on 12th September 2021 and the results were announced on 1st November 2021. The final set of NEET Answer keys for 2021 too were released alongside on the same date. The NTA NEET answer keys for 2021 is now available to download in PDF format from the table provided below.

Click on the link “Download NEET 2021 Answer Keys PDF For All Codes” given in the table. On the next page, click on the download icon and save the PDF for future use.

NEET 2021 Answer Keys – Download NEET Answer Keys in PDF of all codes

NEET 2020 Answer Keys – Download PDF

The National Testing Agency (NTA) released the set of answer keys for NEET 2020 for all the codes on 26th September 2020. The exam was conducted on 13th September 2020. Candidates can now download the NEET answer keys PDFs for 2020 from this page. The NTA first releases the provisional set of answer keys until a stipulated time. Students, within this time, can challenge the answer keys (if any) by paying INR 1,000 per question.

With the help of NEET answer keys for 2020 released by the officials, students can refer to it and tally with their responses provided in the OMR response sheet. This way, students can assess their performance and come up with a tentative NEET score, until the final results are declared by the officials, which are treated as final and authentic.

NEET 2020 Answer Keys – Download NEET Answer Keys in PDF of all codes

NEET Answer Key 2021 – Important Dates

The table below depicts some important events corresponding to NEET 2021. Make a note of it.

Event Corresponding date
NEET 2021 Exam date 12th September 2021
Unofficial release of answer keys (Provisional) 15th October 2021
Official release of answer key  – Final 1st November 2021
Challenging answers compared to answer keys released officially- Last date 17th October 2021
Release of final answer keys 1st November 2021
NEET 2021 Result declaration 1st November 2021

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Calculating NEET 2022 Score

Curious aspirants, after appearing for the NEET exams get on with seeking help for the answer keys to calculate their probable score. Since the official authorities release the answer keys typically 2-3 weeks post the exams have been conducted, aspirants resort to unofficial means. One can follow these steps to calculate the NEET 2022 score.

  • Candidates can match their responses, as given in the OMR sheet, with the official release of answer keys after it has been released
  • Ensure that the question paper code and the NEET answer key are the same before you begin to tally. You can know the code, it is provided at the top of the pages of both the OMR sheet and the answer key
  • Candidates will have to then compute both the correct and incorrect responses to estimate their probable NEET score. If you have marked more than one answer for a single question, take that to be null, do not count that and allot zero marks to it

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NEET 2022 Scheme of Marking – NEET Answer Key 2022

The marking scheme depicted below can be used to estimate NEET 2022 scores

Response to the question Marks
Correct answer +4 marks
Incorrect answer -1 mark
Question unanswered 0 mark
Question with more than one option marked as answer 0 mark

To know your NEET score, you can use this formula:

NEET 2022 Score = [{4 * Number of correct responses} – {1 * Number of incorrect responses}]

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NEET Answer Key 2022 – Challenging the Answer Key

Once the NTA releases officially the set of answer keys for all the codes of question papers, aspirants can tally with their OMR response sheet and compare it with the answer key. If there is any discrepancy, such as a correct answer has been marked as incorrect or vice versa, the same can be challenged. This is a chargeable activity. NTA charges a fee of rupees 200/- for every challenge of the NEET 2022 answer key. If the challenge is found to be correct, the amount as suggested will be refunded. But in the case of declination of the challenge, the amount is non-refundable.

How Can I Challenge NEET 2022 Answer Key?

Once NTA releases the official set of answer keys, candidates can challenge NEET answer key 2022 by comparing it with their OMR response sheet that would also be uploaded. The time duration allotted to the challenge is just 2 days.

Procedure – Steps To Challenge NEET 2022 Answer Key

Now that you know what it means to challenge the answer key and how you can do it, here is the step-wise breakdown of the procedure:

  • A direct link shall be updated soon to challenge the answer key for NEET 2022. Click on it
  • The next window asks for credentials. Enter your application number and password, the same which you entered while registration
  • Click > Key Challenge tab
  • Select > Test Booklet Code. This is the booklet code for which you wish to challenge the NEET 2022 Answer key
  • Now, choose the question you wish to challenge
  • Next, pick the answer which is correct as per you. You may provide additional comments regarding the same
  • Once done, check if everything is in place and click on ‘Submit’ option
  • Then, you will be redirected to make the payment as part of the challenge fee via credit card or debit card
  • The next window shows the confirmation page. It shows transaction details and details of the question challenged. Take a printout of the page for reference in the future

How Can I Challenge NEET 2022 OMR Response Sheet?

NTA releases the NEET 2022 OMR Response sheet a few weeks after NEET is concluded. Along with this, it also releases the answer key. The release of the OMR Response sheet for NEET 2022 indicates that the NTA displays the scanned copy of the OMR sheet which comprises the responses filled out by the candidates in the NEET 2022 exams. In case a candidate feels there is any correct response marked as incorrect, vice versa or any such discrepancy, it can be challenged. For this, NTA provides a maximum of two days. Challenge has to be submitted within 2 days, failing which it would be disregarded.

Procedure – Steps To Challenge NEET 2022 OMR Response Sheet

To challenge the OMR response sheet, NEET candidates can follow these steps:

  • A direct link shall be updated soon to challenge the OMR response sheet for NEET 2022. Click on it
  • The next window asks for credentials. Enter your application number and password, the same which you entered while registration
  • Click > OMR Challenge tab
  • You will then be redirected to a page that has these two options:
    • Option 1 – ‘Click here to view your OMR Answer Sheet’ – clicking this will display the candidate’s OMR response sheet
    • Option 2 – ‘Click here for OMR Challenge’ – clicking this will enable candidates to challenge the NEET OMR response sheet 2022
  • This is a chargeable, non-refundable service. For every challenge of the OMR response sheet, 200 rupees should be paid.

NEET 2022 Question Paper Sets

The NEET Question Paper typically consists of sets – A, B, C, D, P, Q, R, S, W, X, Y, Z. Hence there will be a total of 12 sets. Therefore, NTA releases the same set of answer keys as the number of sets of question papers. Candidates are suggested to check the previous years’ papers to get a brief idea of the question paper pattern.

Previous year NEET Answer Keys

Candidates appearing for the NEET exams must ensure that they go through the previous years’ question papers, along with answer keys and also refer to the solutions.

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The table below enables NEET aspirants to access NEET Answer keys for 2019, 2018 furnished along with the code of question papers.

NEET 2019 Answer Key

NEET Answer Keys with Code Link
NEET Answer Keys – P1 – P6 Click here
NEET Answer Keys – Q1 – Q6 Click here
NEET Answer Keys – R1 – R6 Click here
NEET Answer Keys – S1 – S6 Click here

NEET 2018 Answer Key

NEET 2018 Question papers along with the answer key and booklet code have been provided below. You can practice and go through the papers.

NEET 2018 Question Papers

NEET 2018 Answer Key

NEET solutions 2018 have been provided for easy access and availability to aspirants. This enables a smooth and effortless searching experience. With the help of answer keys, students can get a rough idea of their estimated NEET score. It enables them to assess their level of difficulty for each section. You can refer to the answer keys for all the question papers provided above, here:

BYJU’S offers a plethora of material for NEET such as study material, preparation tips, NEET syllabus, solved MCQs for each section, dedicated NEET articles and much more. Watch this space for more on NEET and the latest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. Can I view images of responses and OMR sheets on the official website?

Answer: The official website of NEET displays, the machine captured images of these responses which can be viewed.

Q.2.  What is the validity of the NEET 2021 Results?

Answer: The results of NEET 2021 are valid for the academic session 2021-2022.

Q.3. How does one mark responses in the OMR sheet?

Answer: A ball-point pen would be provided by the invigilator to fill in responses in the NEET OMR sheet 2022.

Q.4. When is the NEET OMR Sheet 2022 scheduled to release?

Answer: NEET 2022 OMR sheet shall be released by the NTA a few weeks after the exam is concluded, on the official website.

Q.5. How does one check responses on the NEET OMR response sheet?

Answer: Log in to the official website using your credentials such as the registration number and password used during the time of registration. Locate the ‘OMR Challenge’ tab on the left-hand side, next click on the ‘click here to view your OMR sheet’ option and the image of your NEET OMR Response sheet 2022 will be displayed.

Q.6.How to download the official Answer Key of NEET 2018?

The officials released the official answer keys of NEET 2018 before the NEET 2018 results were declared. Initially, a provisional set of answer keys were released, which, after challenges of answer keys (if any) were revised, then a final set of answer keys for NEET 2018 was released. The official website for NEET displayed the direct link to download the final NEET Official Answer key 2018. Students could download it from the official website. They could also consider downloading it in simple steps in this article. Just scroll up and locate the download NEET 2018 answer key provided here and start downloading.

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