Things To Know Before Starting Medical College

Congratulations! If you are here it is most probable that you have cleared NEET, the medical entrance test and survived all the pre-med requisites, cleared cut-off, passed through the counselling rounds and finally chosen your college. The joy of getting a medical seat is unparalleled. Officially, you are entering medical school. However, how long does this sense of security last before realization dawns on you that very little about medical college is known to you? Once this euphoria evanesces, you notice that you are amidst an ocean of similar people.

We have often heard health professionals say no two days are the same, there is something new happening everyday, and cannot be sure of expecting. There is uncertainty. Regardless of how much time is spent preparing to enter medical college, you are most likely to encounter a few things you never prevised once classes commence.

Although some students are blessed to have been guided about the dos and don’ts, most students conduct research on their own, seek advice from mentors and seniors. There are a few things one wishes one had known before entering medical college. In this article, we aim to shed light on some helpful bits of information, in random order, for your smooth transition. This is to give you a taste of what you could possibly encounter. Take a look at some of the advice coming from experts who have been there and done that.

Must-Knows Before Entering Medical College


Gone are the days where your boundaries were limited around NCERT. The syllabus offered once you enter medical college is 100 times more than what you learnt during the entrance test. Topics are never ending, the deeper you dive the more you realize the depth. Though all concepts are interesting and occupy your attention, knowing exactly how much is required to answer for exams is something that should be learnt in medical college and known in advance.

Tests and Staying updated

Tests are conducted every week/month in all subjects in most of the colleges. Before you realise there would already be an assessment waiting. So, one must have to stay updated with what has been taught/covered on a daily basis. Apart from college hours, one needs to spend a few more hours on studying to finish what has been taught the very same day and not stretching it to the next day.

Adapting techniques of learning

Every student by now is aware of which style/course of learning has worked for them. Pulling up an all-nighter might have worked for a fellow student, not necessarily works for you. Experiment and soon adapt learning techniques that suit best for you. Also, become a scheduling pro.

Medical colleges are more cooperative than competitive

This is not a school or college where there is competition, there are no people to compete with and push out of the way. You have proven to be where you are. Your only competition is you. There is no race, rather one must focus on gaining more information to become a knowledgeable professional. Environment in medical colleges is less competition-friendly and more willing to help each other.

Prepare for the unseen

This is important, one must learn to stay immune to any sort of humiliation coming from your professors for not having completed tasks or simply being thrown upon by questions to which you do not have answers. Some departments have professors who can simply roast you and test your patience. Brace yourselves and develop a thick skin.

A roller coaster ride

The whole journey of MBBS is filled and sandwiched between happy and sad moments. Failing in some tests will be a matter of the past in the long run. Acceptance is key. Live every moment. Tackle issues with utmost maturity as there are dull days too. Discuss issues with peers or seek professional help if need be, remember asking for help isn’t a weakness.

To conclude, mental health is important. Stay on top of wellness.

These were some points. Watch this space at NEET BYJU’S for more updates on the same. But to start with, stay put with this bit of advice and be ahead of the curve.

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