IMO Class 12 Syllabus

The International Mathematical Olympiad is a Mathematics competition hosted by the Science Olympiad Foundation. The SOF IMO is a test that evaluates a student’s Mathematical knowledge and potential. By taking the IMO exam, students can improve their time management and competitive skills and prepare for better scores. It enables students to assess their local, regional, state, national, and international progress. Competing against other students instils a strong sense of self-achievement, driving them to pursue larger goals.

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The IMO Class 12 syllabus is split into four sections, with section 2 having significant attention. The second section of Mathematical reasoning focuses on critical thinking and reasoning. Mathematical reasoning is concerned with finding and comprehending the Mathematical elements present in our surroundings. Students can thoroughly learn the concepts related to various topics by preparing for the Maths Olympiad. Each topic in the IMO Syllabus Class 12 is designed to help students prepare for higher-level competitive exams.

IMO Class 12 Syllabus

The IMO Syllabus for grades 5 to 12 is designed to evaluate students’ Verbal and Nonverbal reasoning abilities. After grade 6, the IMO Syllabus for Mathematical reasoning develops considerably by including some complex topics at each level. The IMO Syllabus for classes 5 to 12 includes topics such as measurement, ratio, linear equations, proportions, quadratic equations, statistics, probability, a deeper understanding of numbers, and practical geometry and algebra. The IMO Class 12 Syllabus is divided into four sections.

  1. Logical Reasoning section – The section is meant to help students improve their learning abilities and feel comfortable approaching nonverbal and verbal reasoning on several topics.
  2. Mathematical Reasoning section – Students must learn several methods for strengthening mathematical reasoning by resolving various kinds of mathematical problems.
  3. Everyday Mathematics – The 3rd section focuses on aiding students to improve their problem-solving skills concerning various mathematical concepts.
  4. Achiever section – Students are evaluated on their fundamental mathematical skills in the last section. Since the core concepts are discussed in this segment, students must be conversant with the topics in advance to handle various questions more effectively.

The SOF IMO Class 12 Syllabus is tabulated below.

Section 1 Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.
Section 2 Relations and Functions, Matrices and Determinants, Inverse Trigonometric Functions, Continuity and Differentiability, Integrals, Application of Derivatives, Application of Integrals, Vector Algebra, Differential Equations, Three Dimensional Geometry, Linear Programming, and Probability.


Numbers, Quantification, Solutions of Simultaneous Linear Equations, Numerical Applications, Matrices, Application of Derivatives, Determinants, Integration, Application of Integrations, Probability, Differential Equations, Inferential Statistics, Index numbers, Financial Mathematics, Time-based data, Linear Programming.

Section 3 The syllabus of this section will be based on the syllabus of Quantitative Aptitude.
Section 4 Matrices, Application of Derivatives, Determinants, Integration, Differential Equations, Application of Integrations, Probability, Linear Programming.

The Marking Scheme for IMO Class 12

The marking scheme for Class 12 is tabulated below. Classes 1 to 4 have 35 questions to answer, while classes 5 to 12 have 50 questions to solve.

  • Number of questions – 50
  • Time – 1 hour
Section Number of Questions Marks/Questions Total Marks
Logical Reasoning 15 1 15
Mathematical Reasoning/Applied Mathematics 20 1 20
Everyday Mathematics 10 1 10
Achievers Section 5 3 15
Total 50 60

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Frequently Asked Questions on IMO Syllabus Class 12


How can I register for the Class 12 IMO exam?

Students can get the relevant registration forms and information from their institutions. Students who attend an institution that is not registered with SOF can request a prospectus by sending an email to the SOF organization. More information is available on the SOF’s official website.

What is the most effective way to prepare for the IMO Class 12 exam?

Students in Class 12 should study the school syllabus thoroughly because most questions are based on the topics included in the Class 12 board syllabus. To be able to answer questions in the olympiad, students must comprehend the concepts. By answering questions from their syllabus, students can improve their understanding of concepts.

How can the syllabus of IMO Class 12 assist me in preparing for the board exams?

Students studying for the IMO exam for Class 12 will be preparing for their board exams simultaneously. The topics studied in preparation for the IMO test for Class 12 are the same as those covered for the board exams. Students must comprehend the concepts covered in the Class 12 syllabus to use them.


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