Types of Pulley

Types of Pulley

Various types of pulley help in making variety of lifting and moving tasks easier. These are classified depending upon the changes in direction of the force, changes in magnitude and changes on both magnitude and force. The pulley system consists of a rope and wheel and axle where, the grooved wheel mounted with an axle.

Types of Pulley is listed below:

  • Fixed
  • Moving
  • Compound
  • Block and Tackle
  • Cone
  • Swivel eye
  • Fixed eye

Fixed Pulley

In this pulley, the wheel is fixed to a hard structure while the rope is loose. It does not allow any redirection of force. So instead of lifting an object, the object can be pulled using this pulley.

Moving Pulley

Here, the pulley’s wheel is not linked to any surface but the rope is linked to a stationary surface. A heavy load is attached to the wheel rather to the rope and when the rope is pulled, the wheel can be seen sliding up the rope along with the load. This needs less work compared to lifting the load directly.

Compound Pulley

It has both stationary and movable pulley. Here the load is kept on the wheel of the movable pulley which again is connected to the rope of a fixed pulley. Using this type of pulley, redirection of both the force applied and the total workload is possible.

Block and Tackle Pulley

It can reduce the effort required to move a heavy object. It has several movable and fixed pulleys arranged in parallel with each other in such a way that fixed ones are with fixed and movable are with the movables. An each pair is linked with another pair.

Cone Pulley

It consists of multiple pulley of decreasing circumference piled on top of each other, forming a cone shape. This arrangement allows to shift the speed of movement of pulleys. The good example of this would be multi gear bicycles.

Swivel Eye Pulley

This provides dynamic rotation in which the block holding the pulley wheel will rotate. This helps when the application requires a little rotation when picking up the load. These can be used with fibrous, nylon or wire ropes.

Fixed Eye Pulley

Here, the eye is fixed on the pulley block, it cannot be turn. This systems uses two or more pulleys and reduces the effort considerably.

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