RD Sharma Solutions Class 7 Symmetry

RD Sharma Solutions Class 7 Chapter 18

The detailed RD Sharma Class 7 solution for the chapter “Symmetry” is given here. Sometimes we come across situations when we need to divide a particular object into two equal halves or often we stand in front of the plane mirror and wonder why the reflected image from the mirror is always identical to ourselves. Well, these situations bring us to one of the most important concepts of mathematics which is ‘Symmetry’.

Symmetry can primarily be defined as the similarity between two corresponding objects with respect to reflection, rotation, or scaling. This similarity can be achieved by dividing an object by the lines of symmetry or through the points of symmetry.

Symmetry finds its existence in almost everywhere in our daily lives- from mathematical symmetries to physical, chemical, biological and even architectural symmetries. A simple example of natural symmetry can be seen in the beehives where the symmetrical hexagons make up the entire beehive.

Here, we will learn the various topics of symmetry like lines of symmetry and its related concepts in an interesting and interactive way. Now, this topic can easily be learned with RD Sharma Solutions for Class 7 with step by step illustrations.

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