RD Sharma Solutions Class 7 Mensuration I

RD Sharma Solutions Class 7 Chapter 20

We often wonder how much paint we will require to cover a certain area of the wall or amount of carpet required for a particular floor. We are surrounded by different kinds of geometric shapes like a rectangular blackboard, a cubical box, an ice cream cone or a spherical ball in our day to day life.  The mathematical branch that deals with the study of these geometric shapes, their length, breadth, volume, area and related concepts is known as Mensuration.

Here we will learn about different kinds of problems based on Mensuration like finding the length, breadth, area, height etc. of certain geometric shapes like square, rectangle, triangle, circle etc. These problems can also be useful for us in our daily life like measuring the area of a room or height of a tree or a building.

Students can now learn these topics easily with solved topic wise RD Sharma solutions through which students can find it interesting and understand the topics in depth.

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