What Is Callus

A callus is a growing mass of unorganized plant parenchyma cells. The callus is an undifferentiated mass of tissue. It is mainly used in plant... View Article

What Is Radula

The radula is a teeth-like structure found in the buccal mass of many molluscs.  It is mainly used for cutting food into pieces before it... View Article

Curd Is Rich In

Curd is rich in minerals like potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc. They are also rich in protein. They are a good source of vitamins like... View Article

Solve 4 Power 3 /2

Answer: The important laws of exponents are given below: am×an = am+n am/an = am-n (am)n = amn an/bn = (a/b)n a0 = 1 a-m = 1/am... View Article

What Is Chowkidari Tax

In 1907, tax was collected from the farmers. This tax was collected by the Secretary of the state, which was difficult for farmers to pay. In... View Article