Himalayan Serow

Himalayan Serow - a Himalayan mammal, somewhere between a goat and an antelope, has been confirmed as the newest creature to be spotted in... View Article

Gandhian Ideology

Gandhian ideology (also known as Gandhism) is the set of religious and social ideas adopted and developed by India’s Father of Nation, Mahatma... View Article

The angular width of the central maximum in a single slit diffraction pattern is 600. The width ofthe slit is 1μm. The slit is illuminated by monochromatic plane waves. If another slit of same width is made near it, Young’s fringes can be observed on a screen placed at a distance 50 cm from the slits. If the observed fringe width is 1 cm, what is slit separation distance? (i.e., distance between the cenrtres of each slit.)

a. 75 μm b. 100 μm c. 25 μm d. 50 μm Answer: (c) 2α = 600 a=1 μm D = 50 cm (Cond. for minima/Path diff Δx = a sin θ = n λ)... View Article

An electron from various excited states of hydrogen atom emit radiation to come to the ground state. Let λn, λg be the de Broglie wavelength of the electron in the nth state and the ground state respectively. Let An be the wavelength of the emitted photon in the transition from the nth state to the ground state. For large n, (A, B are constants)

a. Λ2n≈ A+B λ2n b. Λ2n≈ λ c. Λn≈A + (B/ λ2n) d. Λn≈A + Bλn Answer: (c) mvr = (nh/2 π) λde Broglie = (h/p) = (2 πr/n) λn =(2 πrn/n)... View Article