Biology MCQs for Class 11 Chapter-wise with Answers

Biology multiple-choice questions for Class 11 chapter-wise with answers are provided on this page. Ever felt less than adequately prepared for the examination, which made you feel anxious and nervous? For a test, when we are underprepared, it can take a toll on our mental well-being, and hence we underperform. Under such a circumstance, we tend to commit mistakes as answers are not known.

To help students in this endeavour, Biology MCQs for Class 11 are provided chapter-wise so that students avoid being underprepared, hence ensuring everything under a chapter is covered.

Chapter-wise Biology Questions with Answers for Class 11

Class 11


Diversity In The Living World


Structural Organization In Plants And Animals


Cell: Structure and Functions

Unit IV

Plant Physiology


Human Physiology

Why Solve Biology MCQs with Answers for Class 11?

There are immense benefits of solving Biology questions with answers. Some of these are listed below –

  • A good resource to assess learning after covering a chapter
  • Easy-to-understand. Solutions are provided in a detailed manner
  • All types of questions for a concept are covered
  • Easy to access, easy to download
  • Ensures topics are thoroughly understood

Features of Solutions Provided for Biology MCQs

  • Easy, crisp and answered to the point
  • Simple and helpful to understand complex concepts
  • Detailed, step-by-step explanations
  • Best and quick way to revise through solutions

Hope your practice sessions with these Class 11 Biology MCQs are beneficial. For more such articles and related information, visit BYJU’S.

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