Plants And Its Classification

We see a variety of plants around us. Despite the fact, all of them have same parts and functions, they are different. They appear distinctive with different types of leaves, flowers, stem, etc. Hence, classification of plants can be based on many factors. We can classify them based on their height, tenderness of stem and branches; based on their life cycle.

Plants Classification

If we consider plants based on their height some are too short while some are too tall to climb.Most of the short plants have greenish weak stems but big tall plants have thick and woody stems which are hard to break. Thus, they have been classified based on their growth habits such as herbs, shrubs, trees, creepers and climbers. Each type of these has different life cycle.

A plant’s life span begins with its germination and continues still it bears a fruit and eventually dies off. All this happens in a season or two or more.  Hence, plants are classified into three types based on life cycle they have, namely:

  • Annuals: Annuals, as its name, completes their life cycle within a single season. They grow, bear fruit and die off in one season. Generally, a plant like herbs exhibits this type of life cycle. Examples are Mustard, rice, etc.
  • Biennials: Biennials are plants which end their life cycle at the end of the second season. They need two years to complete their entire growth. The first year they germinate, grow roots, stem and leaves; later in the second year they yield flowers and bear fruit. All herbs are not annuals, some are biennials like spinach. Along with herbs, biennials also include certain shrubs. Ex: Carrot, radish, etc.
  • Perennials: Perennials are vegetation having a life cycle of more than two seasons. Once they grow and start to produce fruits, they continue this cycle for a long period of time.  They do not die after bearing fruit; they renew their parts, season after season. All trees belong to this category. Example, Mango, coconut trees, etc.
Plants - Classification

Classification based on Life cycle

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