How Old Is Lucy The First Human?

Lucy was the first human to be found with the mixtures of both ape and human features. Lucy specimen is an early extinct hominid, which is believed to be about 3.2 – 3.18 million years ago. She is the oldest australopithecine and was discovered in the year 1974 in the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia, which is located in the horn of North East Africa. Also, read Origin and Evolution of Man

Lucy- The First Human

According to the fossils and the Archeologists reports, the unique characteristics of Lucy are as follows:

  • Lucy had all the distinct characteristics of a modern human being. She had a small head, long arms and hair covering her body.

  • She was about 4 feet or 108 centimetres tall and weighed about 50 pounds.

  • Presence of the molar and other teeth, result that she was a full adult.

  • She also had a similar bone structure along with the spinal cord, which resembled a human rather than an ape.

  • She also had hands with slightly curved fingers and toes, long dangling arms, upper limb, axial skeleton, pelvis, lower limb, leg bones and foot suited for walking upright on two feet.

  • She stood up straight, with feet, knees and hips that are similar to the modern human.

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