What Is Asexual Reproduction In Plants?

Asexual Reproduction Definition

Asexual Reproduction is a mode of reproduction in which a new offspring is produced from a single parent. In simple terms, this mode of reproduction can be defined as a process wherein an entity reproduces a replica of itself.

In Asexual Reproduction, the parent body either splits or separates to form a new organism.

Characteristics Of Asexual Reproduction

Entities performing asexual reproduction exhibit some salient features, listed below are few such features:

  • It is a uniparental condition hence genetically identical offsprings are produced which serves as an added advantage when parents are well adapted to the surroundings.
  • Since there is no involvement of gametes, fertilization is not part of the process
  • The type of cell division that is observed is only mitosis
  • This method of reproduction is the quickest.

Different Methods Of Asexual Reproduction In Plants:

Budding– This process is seen mainly in yeast cells. Buds are the small, a bulb-like projection emerging out from the fully grown and matured yeast cell. In this mode of reproduction, new yeast cells are formed the parent cell.

Fragmentation – In this process of asexual reproduction, the new plant is produced from a portion of the parent plant, which grows, mature and develops into an individual plant.parent plant

Spore formation – This process is mainly seen in all non-flowering plants and also in algae. Under certain favorable conditions, spores develop by germinating into a new individual. Plants such as ferns and moss also reproduce by means of spores.

Vegetative Propagation – This process of asexual reproduction occurs from the vegetative parts of the plants, such as the roots, stems or buds.

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