Marigold Botanical Name

Botanical Name: Tagetes

Marigold is the common English name for plants falling under the genus Tagetes. The genus includes both annual plants and perennial plants. Most species under this genus are herbaceous plants and are native to Southern Mexico.

However, some species of marigolds are found around the world, and in fact, some are considered as an invasive species.

The African marigolds and the French marigolds are the most common cultivated species under this genus. Some species of marigold deter pests such as insects, hence, are planted alongside commercially valuable crops such as tobacco, potato and tomato. A species of marigold called the Tagetes minuta is used in the manufacture of “marigold oil”, which is used in the production of perfumes as well as food flavouring agents.

There are many other species of marigold classified to date. Some of the most well-known are:

  • Tagetes lucida
  • Tagetes minuta
  • Tagetes elongata
  • Tagetes subvillosa
  • Tagetes tenuifolia

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Frequently Asked Questions on Marigold Botanical Name

What is the botanical name of Marigold?

The botanical name of Marigold is Tagetes, a genus which encompasses many other species.

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