Chemistry Revision Notes for Class 11 Chapter 1 Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

Studying Chemistry can be a little confusing at times as students have to learn and master a lot of concepts, formulas, theories and more. Moreover, students cannot move to advance topics before completely mastering the basic concepts. Thus, to help students get clarity on all the subject matter, we are providing free CBSE revision notes for class 11 Chemistry chapter 1 – some basic concepts of Chemistry here.

CBSE Notes Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 1 Some Basics Concepts of Chemistry

The chapter deals with topics like matter, atomic and molecular mass, laws of chemical composition etc. These revision notes that are available here have been carefully designed by experts to help students understand all the topics clearly and have a thorough revision of the chapter.

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Frequently Asked Questions on CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Notes Chapter 1: Some Basic concepts of Chemistry

How to make the subject Chemistry easy for children?

Chemistry involves many equations and thus conceptual teaching can help students develop interest towards this subject.

What is matter?

Anything has occupies space and has mass can be defined as matter in Chemistry.

Should a student be good in Maths to solve the CBSE Class 11 Chemistry easily?

Chemistry involves equations and also problems. Basic Maths skills are required to score good marks in Chmesitry.


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