CBSE Important Questions for Class 8 Science

Mostly students start looking for the important questions as the exam nears. By this time they have finished the syllabus and started with the revision. The CBSE important questions for Class 8 science will help them. Here, we have compiled the important questions for all the chapters of CBSE Class 8 Science subject. Going through them students understand the types of questions asked in the exam. From basic to high level, all types of questions are provided for students practice. CBSE Class 8 Science is a fascinating subject and it includes interesting topics, thus providing basic knowledge about light, current, force, human beings and so on. Solving these CBSE Class 8 Science Important Questions is the best way to revise the major concepts of the subject.

The questions are created by the subject experts based exclusively from the exam perspective. Students must start solving them at least 20 days before the annual exam. By doing so, they will be able to analyse their weak areas. Working on them will improve their performance and overall score in CBSE Class 8 Science exam.

CBSE Important Questions for Class 8 Science

There is a total of 18 chapters in NCERT Class 8 Science book. In the table below we have provided the CBSE Important questions for class 8 science for all the chapters. We have also included all types of questions, i.e. very short answers, short answer and long answers. These questions will cover all the crucial topic, and entire CBSE Class 8 Science syllabus.

How to Practice the CBSE Class 8 Science Important Questions

  1. Practice the question of a particular chapter in one go.
  2. Do not look for an answer while solving the questions.
  3. Allocate a time duration for solving the questions and try to finish it in that time duration.
  4. After completing it, do self-evaluation.
  5. Go through those questions again that could not be solved at that time.

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