CBSE to Reduce the Pressure on Evaluators

Central Board of Secondary Education is to make certain changes in the evaluation process. As per the news resources, the change includes a reduction in the number of copies that are evaluated in a day. Earlier an evaluator had to check 25 answer copies, but now it has reduced to 20 copies. This will reduce the load of the evaluator, leading to error-free and quality evaluation.

This new change has been tried during the compartment exam of class 10, and 12 as few numbers of students appear for it. As a result of this, the mistakes found during the re-evaluation were very less. So, this change in the evaluation process will be implemented from next year i.e 2020.

CBSE is expecting that after the implementation of this rule, there will be more transparency and quality in the evaluation process. The members of CBSE are dreaming of a day when students apply for the re-evaluation or verification of the answer sheet, and there will be no change in the marks obtained by them. To make it happen, CBSE has also increased 40% of the head examiner in this evaluation process.

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