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Commerce is one of the important academic streams that convey in-depth knowledge about the economy, finance, accounting, and others. These subjects need earnest effort, clarification of concepts as it includes both theory and mathematical parts.

So, to make the learning process easy for students; BYJU’S have created free commerce study material for both Commerce Class 11 and 12. Here, the students will be able to get free access to videos and study materials that cover concepts across the Commerce subjects like accountancy, economics and business studies.

The free study material will clear the difficult concepts in an easy and interesting manner, along with giving logical reasoning and examples.

We have also included flow charts and diagrams to make the study easy and relatable. Along with the description of the concepts, many sets of sample questions papers, MCQs, previous year question papers are available free and as per CBSE Pattern for Commerce Class 11 and 12.

At BYJU’S, we believe in making the study process easy and constructive. BYJU’S have collaborated with the best commerce professor and content writers across India to impart the best teachings and explanation of each concept.

Do you want to boost your Commerce preparation with India’s top commerce trainers? Then just fill-up the form at the right side of the page and our counsellors will call you shortly.

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Class 12 Economics Study Material
Study Material for Business Studies Class 12


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    its very helpful and writing are effective .

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