Nano Urea Liquid

Recently, Nano Urea liquid has been making rounds in the news, with IFFCO (Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited) introducing its Nano Urea Liquid for farmers. This will be the world’s first Nano Urea Liquid that aims to enhance plant nutrition and help farmers worldwide. But what is it, and why is it so crucial for the world today?

In this article, we will understand more about the plant nutrient, benefits, and how it is set to revolutionize the field of agriculture.

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What is Nano Urea Liquid?

Food and agriculture are essential for all living things on our planet. Fertilizer use has increased as the world’s population has grown and there is a greater demand for food. However, farmers have traditionally grown crops using traditional methods for a long time. This includes using urea to supplement plants’ nitrogen requirements and increase food crop yield.

On the other hand, while urea helps increase crop yield, it is also harmful to the environment if used frequently and excessively. According to studies, plants do not utilize approximately 40% of urea, resulting in its dispersion in soil and groundwater. In addition, excess urea emits nitrous oxide, a harmful greenhouse gas that can harm the environment. However, without urea, farmers face several challenges, including low crop yields and an inability to earn a living. So, what is the answer?

IFFCO introduced the first Nano Urea, a breakthrough solution for the drawbacks observed while using urea. IFFCO has been working for the past 5 decades for the farmers with the mission of improving crop yields, enhancing soil fertility, and enriching the lives of farmers with social and economic independence. Ramesh Raliya is the scientist behind nano urea. He has been working on developing nano urea since 2015 and has been an active participant in the nationwide trial of nano urea from 2019. The innovative product was designed in Kalol, Gujarat, at IFFCO’s Nano Biotechnology Research Center (NBRC).

Indigenously created Nano urea is a liquid that provides plants with essential Nitrogen. Nitrogen is critical for producing amino acids, pigments, enzymes, and genetic material in plants. Nano urea liquid is a nanotechnology-based product that has solved several problems associated with common agricultural fertilizers. Trials with nano urea were carried out at seven ICAR research institutes and universities in 2019-20 as part of the National Agriculture Research System (NARS). Compared to traditional nitrogen supplementation methods, Nano Urea has demonstrated several advantages.

To learn in detail about Nanotechnology and its impact on the agricultural sector, candidates can visit the linked article. The technology involves the manipulation of matter on atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scales.

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What are the benefits of nano fertilizer: Nano Urea?

Nano Urea is a breakthrough product that uses nanotechnology to suffice the plant’s needs for Nitrogen. Some of the benefits include

  • Nano Urea is tested for toxicity and biosafety. It is recommended for use and is safe for humans, animals, birds, and soil organisms.
  • With 40,000mg/ml of Nitrogen in a 500 ml Nano Urea bottle can be sufficient for providing Nitrogen to one acre of the field with crops compared to 2.5 bags of urea.
  • The trials with Nano Urea have shown around an 8% increase in the crop yield.
  • The nanotechnology-based product is the most advanced nitrogen fertilizer with enhanced efficiency.
  • Nano Urea is cost-effective and required in low quantities.
  • The most critical benefit of using Nano Urea for agriculture is its minimal impact on the environment. This will result in reducing the release of greenhouse gasses and improve the quality of air and water.

Future Prospects of Nano Urea

Nano Urea is ready to revolutionize farming with its high efficiency and minimal environmental effect. This sustainable substitute of fertilizers will improve the agriculture sector and enhance farmers’ income as they grow a high yield of crops at a low cost.

Several states of India are adapting the sustainable method of supplementing nutrients to the crops. For example, the state of Telangana has embarked on using Nano Urea and has promoted it on a large scale.

India also plans to distribute the product worldwide to benefit the farmers there. Recently, 100 tonnes of nano urea were delivered to Sri Lanka. The government of Sri Lanka had an urgent requirement of nano urea following the President’s decision to stop imports of chemical fertilizers.

With the world, India is leading towards a healthy, bountiful, and sustainable future.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Nano Urea Liquid

What is Nano Urea Liquid?

Nano Urea liquid is a nanotechnology-based fertilizer that enhances the growth of crops by replenishing their nitrogen requirements.

Where was Nano Urea developed?

Nano Urea was developed in Kalol, Gujarat, at IFFCO’s Nano Biotechnology Research Center (NBRC).

Is Nano Urea safe to use?

Nano Urea is safe for humans, animals, birds, and soil microorganisms. In addition, it is known to have no toxic effects on the environment.

Which scientist developed Nano Urea?

Ramesh Raliya developed Nano Urea at Nano Biotechnology Research Centre (NBRC).

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