Indian History is a significant topic in both UPSC Civil Services Exam syllabus. A considerable share of the questions has asked from this segment in the previous year. The Dynasties has great historical importance in history. It has remarked the beginning of an era.

This list will give an insight into the Dynasties of Ancient India and will help you to cover the entire important dynasties in ancient India.

The list of major dynasties that existed in India

The following are the major dynasties in Indian history

Haryanka Dynasty: Middle of 6th century BCE–413 BCE


Founder Bimbisara
Capital Rajgir (Girivraja)
Important Kings Bimbisara, Ajatashatru and Udayin
Important events The capital shifted to Pataliputra, The 1st Buddhist Council

Shishunaga Dynasty: 413 BCE–345 BCE


Founder Shishunaga
Capital (Girivraja)
Important Kings Shishunaga and Kakavarna Kalasoka
Important events Destruction of Avanti and the 2nd Buddhist Council

Nanda Dynasty- 345 BCE–322 BCE


Founder Mahapadma Nanda
Capital Pataliputra
Important Kings Mahapadma Nanda, Dhana Nanda
Important events Alexander invaded India

Mauryan Dynasty: 322 BCE–185 BCE


Founder Chandragupta Maurya
Capital Pataliputra
Important Kings Chandragupta Maurya, Bindusara, Ashoka
Important events defeated the invasion led by Seleucus Nikator, a 3rd Buddhist council

Indo-Scythians Kingdom (The Shaka): 150 BCE–400 CE


Founder Maues alias Moga
Capital Sigal



Important Kings Rudradaman, Vikramaditya
Important events Repaired Sudarsan Lake, Junagarh inscription

The Kushans/ Yeuchi: 30–375


Founder Yuezhi
Capital Bamiyan




Important Kings Kanishka
Important events Issued gold coins, 4th Buddhist council

The Sunga dynasty: 185 BC- 75 BC


Founder Pushyamitra Sunga
Capital Pataliputra
Important Kings Agnimitra, Bhagabhadra and Devbhuti
Important events Issued gold coins, 4th Buddhist council

The Kanva dynasty: 75 BC- 30 BC


Founder Vasudeva
Capital Pataliputra
Important Kings Vasudeva, Bhumimitra, Narayana and Susharman
Important events

The Satavahanas- 1st century BCE–2nd century CE

PlaceDeccan region

Founder Simuka
Capital Pratishthana


Important Kings Gautamiputra Satakarni
Important events Issued coins made up of lead, copper, and bronze

Ikshvaku dynasty

PlaceFrom Kosala kingdom to the banks of  Sarayu river

Founder Ikshavaku
Capital Saketa


Important Kings Kusha, Nala II
Important events Executed the Manusmriti

The Chola Dynasty: 300s BCE–1279 CE

PlaceNortheast of Pandya Kingdom

Founder Vijayalaya
Capital Poompuhar, Urayur, Tiruvarur,

Pazhaiyaarai, Thanjavur

Gangaikonda Cholapuram

Important Kings Rajaraja Chola I, Rajendra Chola I, Rajadhiraja Chola, Virarajendra Chola and Kulothunga Chola I
Important events Annexed Sri Lanka

The Pandyan Dynasty: at least 4th century BCE–1345 AD

PlaceTamil Nadu and Southern region

Capital Korkai




Important Kings Nedujadaiyan
Important events Trade with roman empire and sent embassies to Emperor Augustus

The Chera Dynasty: 3rd century BCE–12th century CE

PlaceKongunadu and some parts of Present Kerala

Founder Vanavaramban
Capital Mahodayapuram



Important Kings Perumchottu Uthiyan Cheralathan, Cheraman Kudako  Ilancheral Irumporai
Important events Foreign trade

The Pallava Dynasty: 275 CE–897 CE

PlaceSouth Indian region and some parts of Sri Lanka

Founder Bappadevan
Capital Kanchipuram
Important Kings Mahendravarman I and Narasimhavarman I
Important events Visit of Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang

Chalukya Dynasty: 543–753

PlaceSouth Indian region and central India

Founder Pulakesi I
Capital Badami
Important Kings Pulakesin II, Vikramaditya II
Important events Art and architecture flourished in South India

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