Five Easy Learning Techniques for Your IAS Exam Preparation

The UPSC syllabus is vast and varied. There is a lot of reading to do and a lot of material to be covered. It can be quite a difficult and monotonous task to finish studying everything just by reading from texts. It is important to keep up your enthusiasm and interest throughout your IAS preparation time. We bring you five easy learning techniques that will help in your IAS preparation and also break the monotony.

  • Give a lecture

The next time you feel stuck in a tough topic, why don’t you try giving a lecture to your friends or family? Listening to a lecture might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But rest assured that giving one is an extremely useful tool in getting a better hang of the topic. Not only will you cover different dimensions of the topic, you will also get different perspectives on the same issue thus giving you a lot of material to elaborate in the IAS exams.

  • Watch a video

We remember more of what we see and listen rather than read from a text. This is a scientific theory explained in the concept called the Cone of Learning. BYJU’S gives you a lot of interesting and well-explained videos for you to watch and learn for your USPC exam. Visit the BYJU’S video lectures page for more engaging videos.


  • Practice writing answers

Another easy learning technique is to actually write down what you have read. This could either be in the form of notes or actual answers to previous years IAS questions. Writing reinforces what you have learnt and you end taking far less time to internalise a concept than if you had just read it.

  • Discuss and debate

You can always debate topics with your fellow IAS aspirant friends. Debating with other people brings out new dimensions of a topic. Moreover, you tend to recall things you said and heard in a lively discussion more than what you read from a textbook.

  • Attend a webinar

These days, technology has greatly enhanced the way you learn. Team BYJU’S conducts webinars which are highly rated by students. Contact team BYJU’S and find out how you can attend these webinars.



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