How to Learn Faster for the UPSC Exam?

The UPSC exam is a tough nut to crack. Every year lakhs of people try their hand at this exam but only about a thousand ultimately enter the Indian civil services. A lot of people complain that the UPSC syllabus is so vast and diverse that it is extremely difficult to finish it off on time for the IAS exam. On top of that, the current affairs section baffles candidates who grapple with the ever-bulging current affairs notes. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a way to learn faster for the UPSC exam? Generally, students are rather slow learners. This article talks about a few tips using which you can learn faster for IAS exam.

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Tips To Learn Faster For UPSC Exam

Tip #1

Divide your task

Imagine you are trying to learn how to sing. Do you first start off with a tough classical song? Or do you start singing the basic notes first? The same thing goes with your IAS preparation as well. Start with the basics. Don’t start off trying to master everything in Indian history. Read basic books first like the NCERTs. Then move on to the higher books. Have well-defined mini-goals. They are easy to accomplish and will not overwhelm you.

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Tip #2

Learn memory hacks

In order to learn faster, you must learn a few memory hacks like mnemonics and mind maps. This will ease the process of learning and remembering things. You have to do brain exercises and develop your brain. Also, eat foods specifically nutritious for your brain and memory. Improve concentration through meditation. Do all it takes to maximise your brainpower.

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Tip #3

Get a Guru

No one is omniscient. Do not shy away from getting help. Get a Guru or mentor who can keep an eye on you. Let it be a friend, a parent or your teacher. This person can guide you through the entire process. Learning is less strenuous when you have a partner.

Tip #4

Try everything

You have to try different techniques to suit your style. Instead of blindly following others’ advice, figure out for yourself what timings work best for you, which books are easier to comprehend for you, which methodologies to follow, etc.

Tip #5

Have shorter study sessions

Have multiple sessions of short durations during your preparation. This helps you learn anything faster since you don’t lose concentration and focus. For instance, you can have four one-hour sessions with a five-minute gap in between instead of having a continuous four-hour session.

Tip #6

Be passionate

This is perhaps the most important factor that will aid in your learning anything faster. You must have a passion for studying. You must also be passionate about your goal, in this case, the IAS dream. This genuine passion will drive you to study and learn faster.

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