Power of Self-Belief Can Help You Crack UPSC Civil Services

If you are aspiring to take the UPSC prelims and hoping to crack the mains and the UPSC board interview following that, you would have already embarked on a journey most arduous and testing. As you would be aware, the UPSC civil services exam is conducted in three stages:

  • Prelims
  • Mains
  • Personality test/board interview

Each stage is a qualifying round for the next stage and the number of candidates who reach the final interview round is only a few thousand compared to the lakhs who appear for the UPSC prelims. The UPSC syllabus is so vast that at least a year of your life would have to be set apart for this purpose and this preparation time can take you on an emotional ride of ups and downs. This article will help you with that regard

What do you need to clear the UPSC civil services exams?

Of course, utmost dedication, meticulous planning and preparation, long hours of study and sincerity. Despite all the knowledge and preparation, you can still doubt yourself and the one ingredient without which success is impossible in the UPSC exams or in any aspect of life is called SELF-BELIEF. The example of Jim Hines shows the power of self-belief.

Everything is impossible until someone does it. History is replete with examples of great personalities who have defied the odds and achieved the impossible. A painfully shy lawyer who struggled to say two words in a court of law emerged as one of the most influential leaders of the world and went on to lead a diverse nation in its freedom movement against the powerful British. That man, as you might have guessed was Gandhi. What made him great and what made him stand up to the might of the British was none other than his conviction in the fact that he was right.

We all have been brought up to believe certain things. Even the wisest person on earth once believed that the earth is flat. Remember, perception is not reality. What you believe is what you get. If you want to become an IAS officer or an IPS officer, first you’ve got to believe that you have it in you. You have to believe that you can become one.

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How to remove self-doubt?

If you want to crack the IAS exams and be a successful change-maker of our country, you need to remove that self-doubt from you. Do the following:

  • Change from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.
  • Eliminate negative and limiting thoughts.
  • Affirm your target. Tell yourself that you are an Indian civil servant. Talk to yourself like a champion. Don’t have a victim mentality.

Write down on a piece of paper – your name and IAS or IPS (whatever you want to be) beside it. Remind yourself to show it to a parent or a friend only after you have achieved your dream.

  • Imagine that you are an IAS or IPS or IFS officer. Chalk out a list of things that you will do to bring about a positive change in people’s lives.
  • Motivate yourself by reading inspirational quotes or by talking to positive people.


Having a strong self-belief about one’s ability can go a long way in ensuring success in any endeavour, be it for exams or in life itself. But one must take care to draw a line between self-belief and arrogance. The latter is itself can be a cause for a downfall.

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