5 Habits to Avoid for IAS Prelims

The Civil Services exam is not a walk in the park. While preparing for this exam, aspirants need to have a proper strategy in place for this exam. It has been observed that candidates often tend to make certain mistakes which become a major cause of their failure.

These mistakes are avoidable and should not come in the way of a would-be civil servant who aspires to join prestigious services such as the IAS, IPS, etc. Now without further ado let’s delve into those five mistakes that every UPSC candidate must not make.

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Five mistakes to avoid for UPSC Prelims

  • Should I skip this attempt and try next time? Interestingly, this question seems to be on the minds of aspirants who have prepared well, but the uncertainty of the UPSC Prelims exam seems to deter them at the very last moment. It is very important to overcome your fear of losing the game and try hard to win. If you fill your mind with negative thoughts, it becomes impossible to put your hundred per cent.
  • Not making a visit to the examination venue before the Prelims: Before a few days to prelim, it is very important to visit the IAS Prelims examination centres by the candidates. This actually saves them from getting into any last time confusion. One should note that the first paper of the examination is administered at 9:00 AM, with students expected to report to the examination hall at least 20 minutes before the scheduled commencement of the exam. This means candidates do not have enough time on the day of examination.

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  • Avoid eating out: Remember that you cannot take any risk with your health when you have worked so hard for this exam. Avoid eating anything from outside that can make you fall ill before the exam. If you overlook your diet, you might get into trouble in your serious period of revision.
  • Purchasing unwanted study material at the last minute: It is advisable that you should not fall into the trap of buying unnecessary study material at the end time of your preparation. Magazines, newspapers and the internet are generally buzzing during this period with glossy advertisements with various shortcuts, techniques, important questions, etc. What is important during this time is that you gather your thoughts, stay calm, and remain collected when you need it the most. Keep only relevant material available around you, and try to revise the same sources that you have referred to over the past year or so. Revision and more revision brings greater confidence and instils a much greater sense of hope that you can emerge successful in this examination.
  • Not printing the Admit Card in time: It has been observed that some of the candidates are so busy in their preparation that they do not print the copy of admit card on time. It is important that aspirants print a copy of the UPSC admit card at least a week before the exam and not wait for just a few days as they may encounter huge network traffic and server downtime issues.

If you really want to avoid any last-minute difficulties before taking your IAS exam, you should keep the above-mentioned tips in your mind.

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