Kurukshetra Magazine - Gist of Monthly Editions

Download PDFs of monthly editions of Kurukshetra Magazine which is important for all kind of competitive examinations including IAS Exam, Bank Exams and other government exams.

For the convenience of IAS aspirants, BYJU’S has introduced a new segment called the ‘Gist of Kurukshetra’. This article will provide you with monthly gist of Kurukshetra Magazines which like Yojana Magazine will be helpful for UPSC aspirants and candidates of other exams. Candidates can also read what is the difference between Yojana Magazine and Kurukshetra Magazine.

Difference between Kurukshetra Magazine and Yojana Magazine

Both the magazines are published by the Government of India and cover important issues on socio-economic topics.

While Yojana Magazine focusses more on urban developmental issues, Kurukshetra Magazine emphasizes more on social issues including issues relating to rural governance. Aspirants preparing for competitive exams are advised to read both as the topics can be chosen from both on priority-basis and not from cover to cover. Aspirants can get the gist of Yojana Magazine in the linked article.

Importance of Kurukshetra Magazine for UPSC and other exams

Candidates preparing for UPSC 2020 can go through the monthly editions of the Kurukshetra Magazine which are provided below in different categories.

Why the aspirants should read the Kurukshetra Magazine?:

  • It is an important source of current affairs information and insight for UPSC exam preparation.
  • Since the information comes from the government, it is authentic and can be reliably used for the IAS exam answers.

In this segment, we bring you the gist of the monthly Kurukshetra in a crisp and ready-to-study format. We would be selecting the most important and exam-worthy articles in this magazine for the month and present it broken-down and neatly analysed.

Current affairs are the most dynamic and challenging aspect of the UPSC exam, and to tackle this section, it is imperative that aspirants go through magazines like the Kurukshetra and the Yojana. Aspirants generally do not find the time to go through them from cover to cover. In order to make life easier, we bring you the gist of these magazines for your benefit and convenience.

Download Gist of Kurukshetra Magazine

Click on the links below and read the Gist of Kurukshetra as part of your IAS exam preparation!

Gist of Kurukshetra for UPSC Exam Preparation. May 2019 Issue: Organic Farming Gist of Kurukshetra: May 2019 Issue:-Download PDF Here ORGANIC
Gist of Kurukshetra for UPSC Exam Preparation. March 2019 Issue: Perspectives in Rural Development Gist of Kurukshetra: March 2019
Gist of Kurukshetra for UPSC Exam Preparation. April 2019 Issue: Rural Tourism Gist of Kurukshetra: April 2019 Issue:-Download PDF Here RURAL
Gist of Kurukshetra for UPSC Exam Preparation. February 2019 Issue: Boosting Agricultural Growth Gist of Kurukshetra: February 2019
UPSC Exam Preparation: Gist of Kurukshetra January 2019 Issue: Empowering Rural Youth Table of Contents: Empowering Rural Youth   1.
Gist of Kurukshetra for the month of May 2018 for your UPSC exam preparationTECHNOLOGICAL AND RURAL DEVELOPMENTROLE OF SPACE TECHNOLOGYVillages

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